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St Vincent De Paul Church

 Estd : 1967
St Vincent De Paul Church
P.O.Hatighisa - 734 429
Dt Darjeeling  (W.B.)


St Vincent de Paul ChurchThe land measuring 16.13 acres for the Hatighisa Parish was purchased by the Jesuit Superior in the name of the Rector of North Point on May 23, 1966. Hatighisa Parish was created in 1967 in order to lessen the burden on the parish priest of Gayaganga and to bring the church nearer to the people in the nearby tea gardens.  Fr Joseph Brennan, S.J. moved out of Gayaganga to Siliguri from where he used to look after Hatighisa. There were about two thousand eight hundred Catholics in the new parish but by the end of 1969 the number increased to three thousand four hundred.

 Camping in a tent and setting up the altar under a tree, Fr Brennan celebrated the first Christmas Mass at Hatighisa for the people on Christmas 1966. It was about February 1, 1967 when Brother Johannesma arrived from Jamshedpur to begin work on the bungalow. As the bungalow progressed the catechist’s house was also built, and Fr Brennan kept one of the two rooms for himself, using it on weekends, when he would stay at Hatighisa. Later he moved into a thatch hut in Hatighisa to begin the new parish west of Gayaganga.

 When the bungalow/presbytery was completed, the people attended church services on the verandah. Once Fr Brennan moved out of Hatighisa to Shanti Sadan in Gurung Busty to take care of the Jesuit candidates, Fr Anthony Millage came to Hatighisa in 1978, where he remained until 1986. The Panighatta and Goomgooma areas, which were a part of the Hatighisa parish, became independent parishes in 1987 and 1990 respectively. When Fr Milledge was appointed parish priest of Goomgooma, Fr Philip Xalxo came to Hatighisa as parish priest of Hatighisa. In 1994, he built a new church as it is today. This church can accommodate almost 1,000 people. Today Hatighisa has a catholic population of 3,220 under the care of Fr Peter Pappu, who became the parish priest in 2013 after Fr Lawrence Thanislaus.