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Communication: Art & Culture


Xavier Sangeetanjali

 (A College of Performing Art and Culture)

Xavier Sangeetanjali, Post Box-3, Matigara- 734 010,  Darjeeling-Dt. West Bengal.


kathak kathak 



The word “Sangeetanjali” means offering of one self through Music to the Divine (God). Music and dance as an art form is a unique discipline to reach out to the growing young people. The recent trend of revivalism especially in the field of art and culture, music and dance, poetry and literature, is opening up many avenues of professionalism and carrier for the young people. 

We are in a region where music and dance and other art forms play a very important role in socio-religious life of the people. We are surrounded by many ethnic groups for whom dance and music is a way of life. The Tribals, the Darjeeling hill communities, the Bengalis, the Rajbangsi etc. are gifted with music and dance.

Reading the signs of our times the province has taken a new venture, in the field music and dance, to empower young people by creative use of their talents. We share a responsibility to accompany them so that they became a creative people of the society. Dance and music is a medium for young people to shape their values, inculcate self discipline, to cultivate the aesthetic dimensions of life and to experience the divine in one self.  In another words we strive to bring about an integral development of a human person.

The preparation for this ministry began many years ago when Fr. Kalyan Tirkey SJ and Fr Edward Arokiaraj SJ, as young scholastics were sent to the universities for the formal degree in classical music and dance. After completing their Masters degree in performing art, both have been actively involved in teaching dance and music to the students at different schools.  Time has come for this ministry to take a concrete and visible form as a centre of learning. Thus Xavier Sangeetanjali is a humble beginning, a small step forward.

It has been almost two years since we started having students regularly to learn music and dance. At present we have around two handred students benefiting from our centre learning different art forms.We are granted affiliation from a Music University named Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad.




  • To provide the youth (students) an opportunity to realize their own giftedness in music and dance, with a preferential option for the students from the poor and the marginalized section of the society.

  • To empower them with a formal degree so as to pursue a professional carrier in the future.

  • To awaken in the students the socio-spiritual dimension so as to make them a good leaders in the society.
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  • Reviving, preserving and promoting folklore and tribal music and dance forms, those are on the verge of vanishing.

  • Promoting and teaching classical music and dance.

  •  Documentation of music, dance and other art forms for future research.

  • Preparing radio and television and stage programs on social, cultural and religious themes.

  • Providing social analysis, conscientisation and encouraging social movements among our tea-garden tribal through music and dance.

  • Contributing creatively to the faithful through Gospel presentation and liturgy using classical and folk music and dance.



  • Hindustani Vocal Music (North Indian Classical music)

  • Instrumental: Harmonium, Tabla, Violin, Flute, Guitar and other folk instruments.

  • Bharatanatyam (South Indian classical dance)

  • Kathak (North Indian classical dance)





2004- Beginning of music and dance classes at St. Alphonsus School, Kurseong.

2005- First batch of students of music and dance in Loyola School, Kalabari

2008- Beginning of classes in Santi Sadan, Siliguri.

2010- Inauguration of Xavier Sangeetanjali, a centre of performing art and culture,  Matigara.

2012- Music and Dance Seminar.

2012- Music and Dance Summer Camp-2012.


Major Performances


2009- Sangeet Sandhya (1st Stage performance)

2010- Jesus the High Priest (Dance Drama)

2011- Unity in Diversity (Dance Drama)

2012- Summer Camp 2012 (Variety items of music and dance)





Outreach Program


Dance and Music to the students of Asha-Gram (Orphanage)

  • Nav Jyoti Daan (centre for the girl-children of sex workers) by Sisters Adorers at Khalpara.

  • St. Joseph’s School, NJP.

  • Gandhi Ashram School, Kalimpong.


We invite you…..


To join hands in shaping and molding the youth through the ministry of music and dance and culture. Write to us-